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WELCOME TO woodland hills jewelry & pawn

Serving communities for over 125 years.
The Collateral Lender family has been serving communities for over 125 years. Since 1884, establishing us as the oldest continually operated and most experienced pawnshop In the USA.
Our staff provides friendly customer service.
We take pride in our friendly customer service and providing our customers with the best value for their items. We have our customers' best interests in mind at all times as well as their valuables.
Your jewelry and valuables safe and secured.
We will get your jewelry and valuables safe and secured in a vault at all times.
Commitment to Excellence.
We ask our employees to treat our customers, as they would wish to be treated.
We pay top dollar for all types of merchandise.
We will buy your gold in pretty much any condition, and we will pay top dollar for it.
Honesty and Integrity.
We will stand by our word consistently and rigorously, always following through on all our commitments.
Woodland Hills Jewelry and Pawn offers terms for 4 months. APR Interest Rates vary from 2% to 35.99%. Rates vary based on value of collateral as well as length of loan. All rates and terms of loans are strictly regulated by the State of California. Example: Amount Financed $2500. APR 24.12 percent. Length of loan 4 months. Total Interest charge $201.00 Total Interest and Principle is $2,701.

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